There’s nothing quite like the classic look and feel of a traditional timber door. But if you want to keep that door looking great, there are many maintenance requirements.

A timber door needs to be painted regularly, in order to protect it from the elements and keep it secure.On the flip side, the benefit here is that you can refresh the look of your door any time you want.

While it may feel like a bind having to paint your door regularly, it is actually possible to give your door a good covering of paint without removing it completely, which should help make it easier for you. Here’s how to paint a door without removing it. 

  1. Give the door a good clean 

If paint is applied over dirt and grime it will not properly adhere to the wood, exposing the door to the elements and making the finish much less durable. Be sure to clean the entire surface with a clean, soft cloth before doing any work. 

  1. Prepare the surface 

With a small paint scraper, remove any flaky paint, then rub the surface down with a medium grain sandpaper. If you spot any cracks or damaged areas of the door, these will need to be repaired using wood filler before you paint the surface. Be sure that any repairs are sanded smooth before continuing. 

  1. Tape areas you don’t want painting 

If you don’t trust the steadiness of your hand when painting around the edges, seal around glass, door handles and letterboxes with painter’s tape. If you want a challenge, however, you can skip this step; any errant paint can be scraped off once it has dried. 

  1. Apply the paint 

Using a brush or roller, distribute the paint evenly around the outside of the door, making sure to use even, smooth strokes to avoid leaving brush marks. For best results, apply the paint in thin coats, following manufacturer instructions for drying times. Leave the door open to dry and make sure it doesn’t close while applying the paint. 

  1. Seal the paintwork

Unless you’re using exterior grade latex paint, you’ll want to seal the paint with a water-based poly or acrylic varnish. This will protect the paintwork from the elements and keep your paintwork looking newer for longer. 

Once the topcoat is dry, you can step back and admire your handiwork! 

As you can see, keeping a timber door looking great is less hard work than you might think. And with so much choice of colour available, it’s easy to revamp the look of your home, without investing in a new door each time.

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