You may not know it but soffit and fascia boards play an integral role in protecting a roof and the exterior walls from damp, water and condensation. 

What’s more, they’re also important for maintaining the aesthetic appearance of your home’s exterior. 

The front of a house is the first thing people see, and worse-for-wear soffits and fascias don’t give the best impression. 

That being said, regular maintenance is a must, as it prevents roof damage and ensures an attractive look. Sometimes though, soffits and fascias are beyond repair and need replacing. 

But how can you tell when soffits and fascias are too far gone and need to be replaced? 

In this article, we go through some warning signs that show that soffits and fascias need replacing. 

Cracking soffit and fascia boards 

Cracking is never a good sign and when soffits  and fascias start to crack, this is a tell-tale sign that the soffits and fascias need replacing. 

Cracked soffits and fascias can be a result of rotting and can greatly affect the integral structure of the boards. 

Flaking paint 

Over the years, soffits and fascias can show their age. 

When soffit and fascia’s paintwork starts to flake and chip, this isn’t the best look and is a general sign of age. 

Although the boards are built to last, flaking paint can be a sign that new boards are needed. Or, at the very least, a new lick of paint.

Leaking gutters 

Fascias are responsible for holding the guttering and when the gutters leak, this can have an impact on the fascia and soffit boards. 

Excess water can result in rotting and dampness.

So, if the gutters are leaking, it is worth investigating the soffit and fascia board and assessing the damage. 

Soft patches

More common in wooden soffit and fascia boards, soft patches in the wood  is a clear symptom of rotting and holes may start to appear. 

If left untreated, rotting can spread and risk the structural integrity of the roof. 

When soft patches appear, it’s time to replace the boards. 

Replacement soffits and fascias

Regular maintenance of soffit and fascia boards helps to catch minor issues before they become more serious. 

But when they do need replacing, it’s important to choose a trusted supplier. 

At Dauntsey Building Plastics, we supply the finest uPVC soffits and fascias, designed for low maintenance and built to last. We believe in delivering a quality service to all our customers across Wiltshire and supplying them with the highest quality products. 

If you’re looking for new or replacement soffits or fascias in Wiltshire, get in touch and see what we can do for you today.  

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