Now that we’re fully into the new year, we wanted to give our thoughts on three top industry trends for the double glazing industry this year.

Based on last year and even the previous decade, we thought we would take this time to speculate what the important trends for our industry are going to be and why we think that.

We’ll be looking at:

  • Composite doors
  • Sustainability
  • Conservatories

Composite doors

Arguably one of the most popular double glazing products of last year and potentially within the last decade, composite doors offer everything the homeowner needs. From high energy ratings, a wide range of styles and the ability to customise to the homeowners’ specification and taste.

It’s no surprise then, that we believe the trend for the most popular door will continue to be the composite door as we enter the next decade.

With its thermal efficiency, sustainability, friendliness to the environment and overall contemporary style, the composite door is an all-round winner for many people.


One of the growing concerns across the world is climate change and the idea of sustainability. Are we using products and resources that are damaging our planet? The question is an important one to many people and can affect the decision-making process for many climate-conscious homeowners.

However, the products we use and install are all sustainable, durable and made to last. So you can rest assured that if you buy from us, you’re buying products that are fully recyclable, highly sustainable and environmentally friendly. What’s more is that there is no trade-off between these benefits and the style choices you may have for our wide range of products.


Last year was one of the hottest years on record for the U.K. which ties back to sustainability and climate change. 

However, for homeowners without a conservatory, it was either stay indoors to (try) and cool down or go outside in the scorching heat! There was no in-between.

That’s why we are urging our customers to consider installing a conservatory in their homes for the Summer of 2020. Why? Because if recent Summers’ are anything to go by, we can fully expect another hot Summer.

Conservatories are great to enjoy the beautiful weather, allow natural light into the home and it increases the living space of the property. 

Spending an afternoon in the conservatory gives you the best of both worlds, the cool air breezing through the conservatory, whilst enjoying the sun and natural daylight.

What are your home improvement plans this year?

Are you considering installing a conservatory or a composite door? Is sustainability something that affects you as a consumer?

We’d be interested to know what your plans are for the year ahead, whether it’s to upgrade your single glazed windows to double glazing or look at getting a new front door.

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